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हरिहरभवन, ललितपुर

दूध, फुल, मासु र ऊन उत्पादनमा वृद्धि: आर्थिक विकास र देशको सम्वृद्धि !


Events Diary of World Animal Day 2010 in Nepal Organized by Directorate of Livestock Production

We are celebrating the World Animal Day from September 28 to October 4, 2010 with mainly the awareness programs for people in the country through 64 channels of FM radio, Television, national daily newspaper, pamphlets. A music album including 10 modern songs regarding animal welfare and their rights in the globe is prepared and will be opened on the main day of ceremony in capital. On this occasion, the essay and photo competition between all the interested people from all over the country will be held. The drawing competition between students of Primary and Lower Secondary School level and speech competition between the students of Secondary School level will be held. The main day of this special ceremony will be organized on 4th October, 2010 and the Secretary, Joint Secretaries of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, animals' welfare and their right Activists, Social Mobilizers, Livestock and Veterinary Officers, Staff, Teachers, Students, Journalists and many other persons will participate on the occasion. Caps having logo of World Animal Day will be distributed to about 250 participants. Talk program on the title of "Animals our friends, let us love them" will be held and Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the winners of different competitions.

Nepal Animal Genitic Resource Management and Utilization Policy and Strategy

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Animal Genetic Resources for Food And Agriculture

Animal Breeding Policy

Poultry Policy